May 26, 2015

Buck Mountain

I climbed a mountain on Sunday.

I'm fortunate enough to live at the base of the Adirondack Mountains, so there's no shortage of places to choose from when you want to go for a hike. When Kelsey suggested we hike Buck Mountain, I didn't hesitate before agreeing to go with her.

Full disclosure: I wasn't 100% sure what I was getting myself into. I did a little Googling before we took off on Sunday morning, read that it is not considered one of the high peaks, and figured I would be able to handle it.

It was no joke, guys.

I also half-jokingly wanted to take some photos for Tinder (spoiler alert: GUYS LOVE TO HIKE).

Here's what I learned:

1. My social smile is improving.
2. I can fake a "Hello!" like no other.
3. If I sweat enough, I no longer have to pee.
4. Crumple a receipt for a few minutes, and it's basically a tissue (no, it's not, but I had no choice).

And most importantly:

5. I can climb a fucking mountain!

It was about 3 or so miles each way, and there were a few times I had to grab ahold of a rock and pull myself up, but once I got to the top, the view was incredible- which made everything worth it.

Next up: Cat Mountain (for obvious reasons).

May 21, 2015

What about you?

The first sip of my iced coffee each morning that’s 30% coffee and 70% milk. How close I live to cities like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.  Blog posts and emails written by strong, courageous women. Windows down and music up with an open road in front of me. My nephew calling me Aunt Lissie. Climbing into a bed with clean sheets. Hotel phones. Discovering new music. Re-discovering old music. Decorating my house with pictures of my great-grandmother, and items that belonged to her. My cats! Long weekends. Bookstores, and record stores, and hole in the wall antique shops (especially that one in Columbus!). Walking out of spin class after a really good workout. Guacamole, and crack onion dip, and pub cheese. Sunday walks that end with good coffee and from scratch muffins. Finally nailing that pose in yoga. 

And the list goes on and on, be continued. 

May 12, 2015

"It all started with a chair..."

I woke up Sunday morning and decided that I needed to replace the camping chair that's been in my living room for the past two years. Since I can't seem to find a hammock chair to my liking, I figured I would get an Adirondack chair in the interim. This one, to be exact.

So I went to Target, bought the chair, awkwardly carried it out to my car, only to find that it would not fit. Like, no matter what I did, or how I moved it, the damn thing would not fit into my car.

And as I tried, unsuccessfully, to fit the chair through my passenger side door, I unknowingly hit the lock button. So when I slammed the door closed, I immediately heard the sound of all of the doors locking.

With my keys...and my phone...inside.

I'm kinda known for locking my keys in my car- it's why my parents renew my AAA membership as part of my birthday present each year. But locking my phone in my car, along with my keys? That's a new one- even for me.

If you've ever done this, you know how fast panic takes over. The Target I went to is roughly 5 minutes away from my house, and I quickly came to conclusion that I would die in that parking lot. They would section off where my car was, and have a make-shift memorial that people would put flowers on. There'd be a sign that read: Here lies Alissa, our most loyal customer. We'll miss you, bae.

When I snapped out of it, I noticed that a girl was parking not too far away from me, so I slowly strolled over, SO I DIDN'T LOOK LIKE A WILD ANIMAL, and kindly asked if I could borrow her phone because OH MY FUCKING GOD, I JUST LOCKED MINE IN MY CAR, ALONG WITH MY KEYS, AND WOULD YOU LIKE TO GIVE A SPEECH AT MY FUNERAL, CAUSE I'M ABOUT TO DIE.

She quickly handed over her phone, and I dialed my parents- because that's what any 28 year old woman would do, amiright? Oh, you'd probably call your husband first? Never mind.

They didn't answer.

So I tried my mom's cell phone - no dice.

I called their house again and I left this voice mail, verbatim: "Hi, it's Alissa. I locked my keys and my phone in my car, and I'm at Target, and I'm borrowing some really nice girl's phone to call you, but hello? Are you there? Hello? Please pick up if you're there. Anyone? No? Oooookay." Click.

At this point, it started to rain.

I'm not even joking.

So this very nice girl who just let me use her phone, offered to drive me to my house, by saying, "How far away do you live? I can drive you there! I promise I'm not a crazy person."

I mean, she was driving a Camry. That's, like, a mom's car. I totally trusted her.

I accepted the ride.

But, see, the problem with the Camry is that it's about the same size as my car, which means the chair wasn't going to fit in there either. I had to walk it back to Customer Service and promise I would be back to get it before they closed because, ", we, like can't hold it, um, overnight."

Okay, dude. I got it. I just said I'd be back in a half hour.

On the way to my house, my new friend and I discovered that we went to the same college (this conversation was prompted by her asking me if I was in school, and me saying, "NO, BUT DO I REALLY LOOK LIKE I COULD BE?") but I graduated two years ahead of her. We also bonded over the fact that we both need new brakes but are lazy AF and don't feel like spending the money.

I thanked her a thousand times over and had her drop me off at my parents' house (which, if you don't know, is right next to mine) because they have a house phone and SURPRISE, I do not. I immediately called the only other person whose number I have saved to memory - my sister-in-law.

Her and my brother quickly offered to drive me back to Target to fetch my car and my chair, but just as I was about to hang up, my parents pulled into the driveway. I went flying out into the garage, looking something like this, and explained my story to them.

After I got done shaming my mother for not answering, she responded with, "Well, you should have texted me from her phone."

Woman was lucky it was Mother's Day or else I would have LUNGED.

My father drove me back to Target in his truck, retrieved my chair for me, while I got back into my car using my spare set of keys.

For the record- I deleted that voice mail off of my parents' answering machine before they had a chance to hear it, and shame me with it for years to come. I mean, the shrill of my was horrifying.

May 5, 2015

lately || may edition

{but, really, you guys}

making // tacos! If it seems like I'm always making tacos, it's because I am.

eating // 'bout to get my hands on another Chobani flip cause I can't help myself.

drinking // booze! water! arnie! (that's Arnold Palmer to you)

reading // Jack Kerouac's On the Road. I have read so many good books lately- stay tuned for a post about them!

listening // to Mumford & Son's new album Wilder Mind. I'm over the whole no banjo thing, and I'm digging their new sound. But it's hard not to love Marcus' voice, amIright?

watching // I'm slowly playing catch up with Mad Men. I just don't want it to be over with. It took me almost a month to watch the Parks and Rec series finale, so call me in two years when I finally work up enough courage to watch the Mad Men one after it airs.

bookmarking // lots of pictures of white hair. My goal is this color by my birthday.

wanting // a kitten. A female, to be exact. Black and white. Named Magpie. I'll call her Maggie or Mags for short. But I haven't really thought about it, honestly (wink wink).

looking // forward to a weekend in Boston at the end of the month!

enjoying // sleeping with my windows open.

waiting // for an Etsy purchase to arrive. I know it said it would take up to 6 weeks to arrive, but I was hoping that was an April Fools joke. It was not.

wondering // when it will be acceptable for me to complain about how hot it is? Here in New York we get about 2-3 weeks of solid spring weather, and then it quickly turns to 80 with a chance of swamp ass.

loving // the tiny (and I do mean tiny) bit of color I got from sitting outside on Sunday. I looked in the mirror yesterday morning and thought, "Jesus, I look flushed!" UNTIL I REALIZE IT WAS KIND OF A SUN BURN.

needing // to clean my bedroom. The rest of my house is always picked up, but I sleep with a pile of clothes next to me every single night because I HAVE A PROBLEM.

wearing // some clothes from said pile.

smelling // my coffee! It's iced coffee season, yasss!

noticing // the sun staying up later and later.

knowing // the best is yet to come.

laughing // at early morning text messages. 

daydreaming // of a pedicure. My feet are not cute at the moment.

feeling // wild.

April 29, 2015

I've been drinking...

"Do your friends explode with life and give you life and you reflect it right back at them so that no one owns it and everyone owns it all at once?" - Jedidiah Jenkins

I've been feeling incredibly fortunate lately.

Might have something (or everything) to do with the friends I have in my life. 

Having strong female friendships is important to me. I've always had a big group of friends, and while the characters have changed throughout the years, I'm feeling very hashtag blessed with the lot I share my time with lately.

I'm also so very grateful for you guys, too. You crazy, wonderful, beautiful Internet friends.

Did someone spike my coffee this morning? Cause I'm drunk in love, y'all.

April 28, 2015

Mixtape No. 9

1. Grace Potter & The Nocturnals // Hot Summer Night
2. The Avett Brothers // Will You Return
3. Nikki Lane // Good Man
4. Shakey Graves // The Perfect Parts
5. The Head and the Heart // Sounds Like Hallelujah
6. Coldplay // Til Kingdom Come
7. Ingrid Michaelson // Girls Chase Boys
8. The Lumineers // Classy Girls
9. Noah and the Whale // Old Joy