January 15, 2014

Conversations Lately.

I spent Sunday in pajamas, and Saturday's make up.
And I loved every second of it.

When I look at people who are my age (or younger) (or older),
who are married and/or have kids, I think...
"How do they have their shit together?"

Which is typically followed by,
"Will I ever care enough to be like that?"

Meh. Who knows.

Until then --
Cheers to Sundays spent drinking pickle juice straight from the jar.


  1. yoga pants for the win :) my sunday was similar. with some wine and crying. totally fine. nothing to see here. ha

  2. Twenty-seven, married, no kids. We LIE about having hour shit together.

  3. Whatever the complete and total opposite of having my shit together is what I am.

  4. I know you know Landon and I don't have our shit together.
    And I love the pickle juice almost more than the pickles.

  5. Is typing like this
    your new thing?

    I'm into it.


  6. I have nothing together. NOTHING. I feel like I would have it more together if I were single.

  7. erhmahgerd, i am so happy to hear i am not the only one that sometimes drinks the pickle juice from the jar.

  8. No one has their shit together. Anyone who claims such is lying. Secretly drinking their pickle juice.

    Was it at least dill?

  9. 31. No kids. Cried into my coors light last night because I was overwhelmed. Lover of pickle juice.


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