February 28, 2014

My Week in Veep Gifs.

When asked on Sunday if I wanted to go to the bar, after spending a solid 8 hours there the day before.

Everyone had a virus in their email Monday morning and my boss freaked out.

Me (in my head) to my spin instructor Monday night when she was screaming about cardio.

A normal Tuesday.

Tuesday this week.

Asked my nephew for a hug Wednesday morning, but instead he stuck his tongue out at me.

I wear contacts to spin on Thursday nights now because the instructor is a dime piece.
Pretty much how I wake up every Friday morning.


  1. THE THURSDAY GIFT. SO TRUE, IT HURTS. All of this doe--- TOP NOTCH. I can't wait to this show to be back. BUT- I'm disappointed in the lack of JONAD here today!!!

    "Hey Dad"
    "Hey Haircut"
    "Hey Muscles"

  2. GIF** but Chris is also a GIFT to my eyes, so, IT WORKS.

  3. Fuckity Yay, Friday! :) You're the best at this.

  4. Is your spin instructor as attractive as Paul from Red Robin?

  5. THIS IS EVERYTHING. omg. Made my Friday. Off to Disney. haha

  6. The first gif may actually be the greatest thing I have ever seen!

  7. dime piece! heyo. i would wear my contacts too.

  8. As always, hysterical. Let me know if you tire of hearing that.

  9. Glasses are like wheelchairs for the eyes. DYING. These are hilarious.

  10. HOW DID I MISS THIS YESTERDAY?!? But its okay because Justin just read it with me and also giggled like a maniac.


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